03 August 2020

Women’s month presents the perfect opportunity to provide hope to those who can no longer visualise a better future for themselves. This August, we celebrate all women and remind them that success is within their grasp. 

“It is often said that empowered women empower women, as they provide hope to others through their own success. At RE/MAX, women are a force to be reckoned with. In fact, 60% of our network are women. Women also account for roughly 61% of our top 500 commission earners. Last year, 8 of our Top 10 Individuals by Registered Commissions Nationally were women,” says Amanda Cuba, Director and COO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa.

In her opinion, a woman does not need to change who she is to make a successful career for herself. "I would encourage all working women to be true to who they are. It is easy for young women to change themselves to accommodate others and to get ahead in the workplace, but this will be at their peril,” she advises.

Also encouraging women not to settle or change to get ahead in business, Pauline Mlambo Njukuya of RE/MAX Property Associates believes that true success and happiness for Women comes from having a balanced life and not neglecting any part of your life. “You can have your cake and eat it too,” she explains.

Cindy Brits, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Dazzle, echoes these sentiments, reminding women never to underestimate the power of self-confidence. “Be bold, tough and strong. Love and care for those around you. And always work on yourself to become the better, stronger you,” she encourages.

“The Strongest Actions for a Woman is to Love Herself, BE HERSELF and Shine among those who never believed she could,” says Caron Leslie, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Property Associates.

This strength will be needed to overcome the various obstacles that will come across your path. In the words of successful sales associate, Zikho Kwela of RE/MAX Toti: “Success is like a mountain. It looks impossible to reach until you take that first step and never look back. The storm will come and the wind will always blow, but summitting is priceless.”

Founding Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Living, Gerlinde Moser, shares this view. Her advice to other young women starting out their careers is that there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’. “Success comes at a high price. Nothing is too far or too difficult for top achievers,” she says. The key is never to think too much about the reward – that comes naturally as a result anyway. Rather focus on providing excellent service by thinking about others and not about yourself.

Chief Marketing Officer for RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Vicky Goslett, also believes in treating others as you’d like to be treated. “I believe in having an attitude of gratitude. Life is too short for regrets so work hard so you can play hard,” she says.

The key takeaway from this is that success never came easily to anyone. It requires hard work and confidence in oneself and one’s dreams. As Gugu Konsati of RE/MAX Dazzle, says: “You will never know what is behind door number two if you don’t have the courage to open it. Take a bold step and go for it. Your future awaits.”

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