03 August 2020

The temptation to purchase name brand appliances is undeniable. But, after many months of hard work and saving to be able to afford your beautiful designer appliance, you might want to consider what will happen to your beloved Smeg when you later decide to sell your home…

What stays when you sell?
Generally speaking, when the buyer purchases a home, they will receive the land, the permanent physical additions such as any buildings erected on the land, along with all fixtures and fittings of a permanent nature. If an item has been bolted down, cemented to the ground, or permanently fitted into the home, it is regarded as permanent. That’s why items such as stoves (which need to be fitted by an electrician) usually count as a permanent fitting.

How to take your Smeg with you when you sell
If sellers want to take an appliance which appears to be a permanent fitting, such as a stove, with them when they move, they should stipulate this as a clause in the OTP to avoid conflict with the buyer, as most buyers will assume that these sorts of appliances will remain in the home when they take occupation.

Leaving your Smeg behind can help you sell
If you choose to leave the name brand appliance behind, you could market your home accordingly to give your home a competitive edge. Especially in a buyer’s market like the one we are experiencing; name brand appliances can be the distinguishing feature that helps you secure the sale. An experienced real estate professional will be able to help you market these features correctly to attract buyers for the home.

Final Advice
If you are ever uncertain of which features stay and which go when selling your home, ask a real estate practitioner from your nearest RE/MAX Office. Unless you ask, a real estate professional might assume you know which features will stay. Raising your concerns will help save you from disagreements with the buyer later down the line.

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